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Bidding at our online auctions is fun!

As soon as the auction is uploaded, you can start looking at all of the items to be auctioned.  Most items will have more than one picture, so be sure to look at all pictures for any items you are interested in.   Unless otherwise noted, the items can also be viewed in person at Vintage On Broad, 617 Broad Street, Altavista, VA during regular business hours.

As with any live auction, each bidder is required to register to bid.  You will need a credit card to register.  Simply click on the "Log In/New Bidder" or the "Register to Bid" button and follow instructions to register.  Please read "Auction Details" and "Terms and Conditions" before bidding.  

Once you have registered to bid, you can bid at any time until the auction closes.  Most auctions will be open for about a week.  As you scroll down the page, you will see pictures of items with lot numbers and descriptions.  You can click on a picture to see the other pictures of that item.  You can also "Watch Lot" and "Bid".  You will see bid amounts on each item and time left before each item closes.    The "Watch Lot" feature is a useful tool when there are numerous items spread throughout the auction listing that you are interested in.  Your "Watch List" can be accessed at the top of the auction page at the drop down arrow beside your name, along with your other account information.  When bidding, you will be asked to enter your  "Maximum Bid Amount".  You can just enter the next bid amount required or you can enter the most you would pay for the item.  You can do this with confidence.  The auction software will bid for you. Your bid will only be advanced if someone else places a bid.  If they enter the same amount as you did, you would be the one to have the bid since you placed the bid first.  If you have checked the notification box, you will be emailed if you are outbid on an item.  

Even though this is an "Online Internet-Only Auction", you will still be able to experience some "live auction" bidding elements.  We will be using a "Stagger Close" where each lot will be set to close a predetermined number of seconds after the previous lot.  We will also be using a "Soft Close".  If there is a bid in the last 3 minutes the bidding on that lot will be extended by another 3 minutes.    The "Live Catalog" feature is a special tile based view that becomes available when the first lot of an auction is within 30 minutes of closing.  The tiles are "live" meaning that they are receiving REAL-TIME updates.  The time counts down, new bids & bid amounts get updated, the bidder's status updates (winning/losing), ALL WITHOUT ANY MANUAL REFRESHING OF THE PAGE!   Winning lots have a green background.  Watched lots have a blue border.  YOU WILL LOVE THIS SCREEN!!!

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