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  The first auction that I ever attended was for the sale of my grandfather's personal property.  All of the things that I had grown up with at my granddaddy's house were pulled out into the front yard and sold.  I purchased a few things that day... an old pine hand dovetailed chest that my granddaddy had found out in a field under a tree, my grandmother's dough tray, rolling pin, and ironstone mixing bowl with blue bands, a cobalt Lincoln Drape oil lamp that had sat on the piano in the foyer, two clocks, and a few other things.  I bid against relatives, neighbors, and others who had traveled hours to be there that day.  I saw some items sold and then resold by the first buyer to another before ever leaving the front yard.  I had such a mixture of emotions.  I felt sad to see some of the things go.  I felt nervous bidding.  I also felt an excitement and it wasn't long before I was going to my second auction and then a third....  That was about thirty years ago.  Since then my husband has become an auctioneer.  We have bought at auction and we have sold at auction.  We know what it's like on both sides of the microphone (and the computer screen) and we're here to guide you through the process.  Whether you have one item or an entire estate or business including real estate to sell we can help you.  From a live auction held onsite like my granddaddy's to an online auction from our site that will reach buyers all over the world.  
  We sell antiques, collectibles, advertising signs, pottery, furniture, real estate, farm equipment, tools, guns, cars and trucks, art, jewlery, coins, vintage clothing, toys, dolls, architectural pieces, and so much more. 
  Call us to discuss the best way to sell your items.

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